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1968/69 W. Thomas    
1977/78 Ray Peterson    
1980/81 Frank Champness    
1984/85 A.E. Andrews      
1984/85 John Worsnop    
1984/85 J. Web     
1984/85 L. Williams    
2000/01 John Ritchie    
2011/12 David Wornop    
2012/13 Merlin Caskie    
2014/15  Chantal Grass    
2016/17 Ian Wallace    
2017/18 Jeff Coffin    














Mt Wellington Sports Man Award Nominees

 Date Nominees Source
1970 Graham Bird could not be available for representation by PLAC for the Mt Wellington Sportsman of the Year PLSC Minutes 1st Nov 1970
1971 Alan Turner PLSC Minutes 19th September 1971
1976 Ian Scoffin Courier - Eastern Edition - 3rd Nov 1976
1978 Robert Benzie for his help with the RSA regatta Courier - Eastern Edition - 5th Nov 1978
1979 Paul Scoffin and Grant Spanhake for sailing Courier - Eastern Edition - 14th Nov 1979
1993 Merlin Caskie for swimming and sailing as well as taking night classes in Driver Education, He was awarded a Service Medal by the Auckland Swimming Association PLSC Newsletter August 1993 and Tamaki Times, 2nd Nov 93 and PLSC Meeting minutes 14th Oct 1993
1994 John Ritchie for Sail training programme.
"John Ritchie nominated  by the Panmure Lagoon Sailing Club. John has been involved with th club since the late 1940s." (Date wrong as club was formed in 1963 and John joined the club much later". Having joined the club shortly after getting married and having his children learn how to sail, John still plays an active role, dedicating his time and enthusiasm to many key roles in the club. The include vice commodore, training co-ordinator, works committee co-ordinator and representative for the club on both the Basin Advisory Committee, and the Auckland Yacht and Boating Association. His most critical role, critical to the success of the club, is in the many sail training schemes he has organised.
PLSC Newsletter August 1994 and Tamaki Time 12th October 1994
1995 Shona Hoggins - "nominated  by Panmure Lagoon Sailing Club.  Shona has been involved with the Panmure Lagoon Sailing Club for seven years. Her introduction began in 1988 when her daughter, keen to learn to sail, saw the Club's advertisment in the newspaper. Shona enrolled her three children, Christopher aged 14, Kerry (11) and Bernard 6 years. Being a family orientated club where parents are encouraged to learn, so di Shona. It is people like Shona who form the backbone of Mt Wellington Clubs. Shona is both a competitive sailor and a dedicated tutor of yachties of the future. Tamaki Times, 17th October 1995
1996 Brian Orpen "has been secretary of the Panmure Lagoon Sailing Club for three years, coach for five years, ARC Maritime Saftety Officer for four, and a representative to the ACC Basin Advisory Committee for three. He is also the unit leader of the Ohui-A-Rangi young mariners group and has organised the annual national competition." PLSC Newsletter Sept/Oct 1996 and Tamaki Times 9th October 1996
1997 Doug Foley - Sailing Tamaki Times, 22nd October 1997
1999 John Worsnop PLSC Meeting Minutes 27th Aug 1999
2001 Kevin Welsh has been sailing for many years. His list of National titles is extensivel both through the 1980s and 1990s. The classes ranged from the Olympic 470 dinghy class through Noelex 22 trailer sailers to the highly competitive Young 88 keelboats.
These days Kevin focuses on Laser class with many club and National titles to his name. During the past season he has won both the Auckland Open Laser Radial Championship and the NZ Masters Laser Radial Championship.
The key factor in Kevn's nomination for Panmure Lagoon Sailing Club is that he is a long team member and has been actively participating in club events through the years. To have such an excellent sailor in the club and competing on most sailing days means that the rest of the club has a benchmark to reference and learn from.
Kevin assists in working bees and training sessions the clubs provides for the community. He is always ready to provide suggestions to those of us who want to go faster.
Kevin, at 46 years old, proves that athletic competitive dinghy sailing can be enjoyed by all ages. Kevin is an example of a top level competitor and a contributor to Mt Wellington Sport.
PLSC Meeting Minutes Sept 2001
2003 Shaaron McKee is one of the first female Commodore of a sailing club in the Auckland area. Shaaron first joined the Panmure Lagoon Sailing Club in 1997 having had very little sailing experience prior to that point. She quickly became a competent and a very competitive laser sailor.
She now not only sails regularly with our Club on the Panmure Basin but sails with other clubs around the Auckland area. This year she competed in the Masters Games in Wanganui and although not a place getter, acquitted her self well in the laser races in what were very difficult sailing conditions.
Shaaron has ben the Club Commodore for two years and has been active in promoting the club in the wider community with some of our Spring training classes having in excess of 50 attendees. Shaaron has a strong wish to encourage young sailors and bring them up through the ranks within the club. Her efforts in this respect have been most successful with our club being at its strongest for a number of years.
Sailing is only one aspect of this community minded individual's life. She is a mother of 2 and is also actively involved in coaching 9th grade soccer, is a member of her local PTA and plays netball socially.
We are pleased to nominate Shaaron as an example of a dedicated and energetic Admistrator, who contributes significantly to our club in respect to administration, social activities and sailing. Nominee for Administrator category.
Club records letter from Lindsay Kincaid, 11/08/2003

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